Breast Cancer has invaded my body, but it need not invade my spirit. There may be scars on my chest, but there need not be scars on my heart. . . . . . Judy Kneece

Saturday, July 31, 2010

wow what a week

Well, I've not had a good week and to top it off I didn't sleep at all last night, I mean not one wink. Too much on my mind. Blood count was very low yesterday and I had to get a shot to make my bone marrow produce more white blood cells and get this, the side effects are that my bones are gonna hurt for 4 - 5 days. Yea, hurt enough to take pain pills. Well, that might have had something to do with no sleep last night and my poor hubby has a cold so, I slept with a mask on so I'd not get his cold, again wonder why I didn't get any sleep. But, I did feel good enough to fix my sweetie breakfast. Glad he can only handled one scramble egg and one slice of toast and coffee. That wasn't hard to fix at all. I feel a little bit better today. Haven't started hurting yet. Glad I'm not going back to work until late October. Getting over Chemo takes most all of my energy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another one Bites the Dust!!!

Well, had my second big treatment yesterday. Only four more to go. So happy they only come every three weeks. Takes a few days to hit and last about four days and they I start feeling better. The small weekly ones aren't nothing. Just aches and pains with a headache. Tylenol seems to help that for the most part and rest. Rest is my friend.

Well Wednesday night after church Heath Saved my head. I tried to give me a Mohawk, A on one side and OU on the other side. He wouldn't do any of those things. See if I do it for him next time he wants a Mohawk. Actually he shaves his own now so I don't get to try the fun stuff any more and Jesse had Heath save his also. Now he used to want to try some wild hair styles. That was all so fun. Kept Scoff on pins and needles though. He always thought we were gonna leave the crazy stuff.

Loosing my hair, well not as big shock as I thought. Except when I see myself in the mirror and have to take a double take to make sure it's me in there. My body temperature is cooler. I wore my wig the work the Thursday. Everyone loved it. Said it made me look 25 years younger. Well, now I think I just found my hair style when my hair grows out. I wore my bandanna yesterday for treatment day. It was more comfy than wig. I think I'll wear them more often. We went to eat out last night and thought would want me to wear my wig. But, he surprised me and didn't say anything. SCheck Spellingo, guess he's gonna let me wear what I want. He is a lot more vein than I am. Silly boy.

Doctor wants me to quit work until my big treatments are finished. He said I am absolutely not to have any STRESS at all in my life. My body needs all of it's energy to get well. Chemo and Jesus are doing their part in this Journey and I am gonna have to do my part. So, I'm gonna call Monday and check to see if I can get my short term disability rein acted and go from there. Doc said that I'm gonna feel worse with each big treatment and will need all the good days to recover and replenish my body. Silly me I was hoping that with each one I'd handle it easier and the worst was behind me. Shows you what I know. I've decided that he's had more school than I and I'm gonna listen to him and do as he says.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gettin about time

Well, it's about time to shave my head. It is really getting sore and it's falling out. It's amazing how dead on those Oncologist are about every step I make. Heath is coming over this weekend to shave it. At least I have some cool head gear to wear. I love my new cowboy hat. Don't know if I have many shirts to go with it. It has turquoise on it. But, it is a cool hat and I'm gonna wear it a whole lot.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Finished my first week back at work and I survived. It was so tiring. I finished my second small Chemo yestrday. Did well. I get my second big one next Friday. Oh, not looking forward to that. Must rest a lot this week and get ready for that.

I need to go shop for some capri's today. I wore my best ones yesterday to work. I think I may have been too casual. Oh well. They didn't send me home. Only because they are desperate to have me back. It's good to be needed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Finally had my first Chemo Treatment yesterday. It lasted 6 hours. Wow, that was a day let me tell ya. Scott was with me most of the time. He took a lunch break and brought me back a Bruce Terry hamburger and an unsweet tea. That was so good. It hit the spot.

I go once a week for chemo. Only the ever third one will last a long time, about 4 1/2 hours. the rest of them will only be a hour.

I'm trying to drink lots of fluids. That is hard for me. I don't like to drink so much. I'm feeling good, taking my anti nausea meds as prescribed so I'm hoping I don't get sick. Have a slight headache too. But, other thank that it's not too bad.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Days!

I'm having a very good day today. Drain came out yesterday. I don't like those at all. Can't sleep on my side at all with them in. Oncologist on Friday. I've gotten so much love, food and prayers from my friends and family. Oh, my I'm so blessed. The best part is this has shown my Mom God's face through all this. If this is all for her benefit then, it's all worth the price it has cost me.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Come on Already!!!!!

Well, my last posting I was going to have Chemo, I had a bad report from my PET Scan Results. They found 4 spots in my lymth nodes which had tested negative four weeks earlier. So, the Surgeon and Oncologist both thought it best if they were removed without further adu. So, I went in for surgery a week ago yesterday and sure enough they were cancerous. They were hoping it was going to be bruising from the first surgery but, I wasn't that lucky. Dr. Hunton said that one of the lympth nodes that he removed looked "wicked". There he goes using THAT work again. Dr. Mackey uses it alot too. Evidently my tumor and these lympth nodes are WICKED looking under the microscope. But, they were all removed along with a slugh of others as well as he scrapped around under the left arm area. And he didn't warn me how much this was going to hurt afterwards. I can usually prepare myself for pain if they just inform me of how bad it's gonna be. So, I'm taking a few pain meds with sleeping pills in order to sleep at night. Sleep doesn't come easy. Darn it, I can't even sleep during the day.

I'm thinking these spots that appeared on my lympth nodes grew from the time I had my bi-lateral Mastectomy and my PET Scan. Dr. Hunton and Dr. Mackey were both so surprised that they were there. All other Organ's Lungs, and Heart look great. So, I'm hoping Dr. Hunton will release me soon so I can get on with the Chemo already. I feel like a bump on a log, just lying around.

Thanks to all of you who have brought me food, gifts, books, cards, phone calls, prayers and most of all prayers. I just couldn't have made it this far without you and your encouraging actions. You are the best. My new Cancer friends have come out of the wood work to help me. God has send me some special people in my time of need. He knows and understands what we all need.

My Mom has been so sweet to help me all this past week. Making my bed, filling my Tea glass and Oh, do I ever have a great recipe for a Virgin Bongo Tea. I'm not gonna post it unless someone asked me to...I'm gonna see how many read my blog. It is awesome.

Thanks for your continued support. Like I was telling my friend Dee, I feel like I've Stalled out over the open ocean. Just continue to pray for me. I know you will.

God has even taken the desire to ride away for right now, cause he knows and I know that it's impossible for the time being. But, I know when the time is right he'll bring it back.

Scott is getting started on the Water Line over at the Little Place. Can you imagine. Wonder what Mamaw & Papaw are thinking? If there is worrying in Heaven (which I don't think there is) but, if there were Mamaw would be wringing her hands together right now saying "Oh my Lord What are We Gonna Do"? Well, Mamaw, it's gonna be alright and more happier times are a coming and we are going to have city water!!!!!!

Love ya all.