Breast Cancer has invaded my body, but it need not invade my spirit. There may be scars on my chest, but there need not be scars on my heart. . . . . . Judy Kneece

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gettin about time

Well, it's about time to shave my head. It is really getting sore and it's falling out. It's amazing how dead on those Oncologist are about every step I make. Heath is coming over this weekend to shave it. At least I have some cool head gear to wear. I love my new cowboy hat. Don't know if I have many shirts to go with it. It has turquoise on it. But, it is a cool hat and I'm gonna wear it a whole lot.

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  1. I dreaded losing my hair, but in a strange way it is very liberating! LOL I don't really know why. Actually I have enjoyed it, doesn't take long to get ready. I got the wig but just hated it. (hot and itchy) Then I wore bandanas, but have gone to wearing ball caps all the time. I have tried and tried to find a cowboy hat but if I find one that is comfortable it is too big (I have a small head) and if I find one that fits it is scratching. So if you see any out there that are a smaller size and have a comfortable inside band....let me know. This transition will most likely be one of the easiest ones and good luck to Heath this weekend. Love ya girl and think of you often.