Breast Cancer has invaded my body, but it need not invade my spirit. There may be scars on my chest, but there need not be scars on my heart. . . . . . Judy Kneece

Saturday, July 31, 2010

wow what a week

Well, I've not had a good week and to top it off I didn't sleep at all last night, I mean not one wink. Too much on my mind. Blood count was very low yesterday and I had to get a shot to make my bone marrow produce more white blood cells and get this, the side effects are that my bones are gonna hurt for 4 - 5 days. Yea, hurt enough to take pain pills. Well, that might have had something to do with no sleep last night and my poor hubby has a cold so, I slept with a mask on so I'd not get his cold, again wonder why I didn't get any sleep. But, I did feel good enough to fix my sweetie breakfast. Glad he can only handled one scramble egg and one slice of toast and coffee. That wasn't hard to fix at all. I feel a little bit better today. Haven't started hurting yet. Glad I'm not going back to work until late October. Getting over Chemo takes most all of my energy.

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  1. This chemo stuff is some nasty stuff. Try to rest because there really isn't much more you feel like doing! LOL If I can do anything let me know. I can relate totally to how you feel and you have ALL my sympathies! haha